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Procedure to Carry on Bill Payments on QBs Online Electronically

Intuit has worked wonders for many business starters and the small business owner as in the company has showered the very efficient accounting software like QuickBooks and Quicken. And QuickBooks to be particular is used by many to climb up the business ladder with good strategy. With the help of this program the user can invoice different bills, strategize the income tax, keep records of the due and done payments, bookkeeping, etc. Also, this can be very proficiently be used to pay bills online with a QBs EFT t, wire transfer or ACH or any other electronic medium.

This article has been designed to exhibit the process through which the vendor bills have been paid electronically via electronic fund transfer, wire transfer or ACH. If you have any technical issue of QuickBooksHealth Fitness Articles, get solutions with QuickBooks Pro Tech Support Contact Help Desk Phone Number. For the process to initiate one needs to follow the subsequent steps:

Feed in the bills in QBs Online.
Hit on the “Create (+)”present at the top center and select “Pay Bills”.
Next would open the Pay Bills window where follow the underwritten steps:
Choose the bank account where the payment is to be posted.
Feed in the payment date.
Ensure “starting check number” is left blank.
Do not click “Print later” box.
Click the bills that are to be showed as paid.
The total payment amount is the aggregate bills that are paid electronically.
Take exit from the process hitting”Save”.

But there are certain things to be kept in mind first of which is to keep the total bills chosen in QBO exactly the same in the electronic fund transfer. Second is to only click “Save” and avoid “Save and Print” as the bill has already been paid electronically and there is no requirement for a print. QuickBooks Assisted Enhanced Payroll Tech Support Phone Number resolves your payroll issue of QuickBooks.

Now has been briefed the procedure to be undertaken to enter a wire transfer number/reference number:

Get on the Bank register and look for payment.
At the left navigational bar choose Transactions and chart of Accounts.
Search the account that you used to make wire transfer and hit “View register” at the right side.
Locate the wire transfer on the register and select the transaction to be edited.
Get in the transaction reference number at the pointed area and press “Save”.
Click”Yes” when you are being asked if you want to modify the number.

If in case you are unable to follow the above suggested procedures or these procedures do not get the desired results or any further information is required then we can be contacted as an independent firm 24*7 on our technical support number.

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