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What Is Mu-mimo Technology And How Its Wi-fi Works?

So what is MU-MIMO Technology? Well, maybe we shouldnt get ahead of ourselves and start with SU-MIMO technology, which is probably what you have in your home. The difference being Single User (SU) and Multiple User (MU). You may be thinking that your current WIFI network works just fine with multiple devices. Well, truth be told your current setup isnt really serving multiple devices at once, rather they take turns. So how does it seem so fast? Well, thats because SU-MIMO can simultaneously receive or transmit streams of data, which speeds up the process; however, this is slowed by communicating the data to devices.

This is all due to the way the antennae are configured. What you wont see within the majority of your home devices (think Cells or tablets), is that they typically only have two antennae; which are receive and transmit. This is a step manufacturers make to meet the demand of longer lasting battery times (as an aside, it also helps to reduce the manufacturers costs).

Well, it enables multiple users onto the router at the same time. Yes, even if they only have two antennae as long as they support MU-MIMO technology they are compatible. Its probably worth noting at this point, that even those that arent experience a raise in speed, as those that are, are dealt with more quickly.

So why dont we all have it? Well, there are very few home routers that feature the tech, due in part to the proliferation of SU-MIMO devices. You could say that we are at the cusp of change, where the widespread uptake will justify the cost, but it will take a driving force to lead the way. A modern equivalent would be the MP3 from physical media.

Another fantastic benefit of MU-MIMO technology is that, at the present time, the data is essentially encrypted. Well, until the tech becomes popular and someone develops a tool to de-crypt the data for those that werent intended to see it.

While MU-MIMO technology may seem like it is too good to be true, there is a catch. It can only accommodate multiple users on the receipt channels, so only incoming data to your home network. Another hiccup is that to get the main benefit from this tech, you do need MU-MIMO ready devices or the existing SU-MIMO devices that you have, will work as they have always done and provide little benefit to you.


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