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What To Do When A Product Repair Goes Wrong

You drop your phone on the cement floor at work. Before the damage is seen, you hear the heartbreaking shriek of your once flawless hand held connection to the world. Time slows down and your heart sinks. Did it break? Is it okay? The only way to know is to pick it up and hope there arenât additional broken pieces to pick up with it. As you kneel down to turn the phone on its back you see the inevitable mutilation of the screen. Shattered. You stop breathing for a moment. Then your disappointment turns to rage. How could such a small drop cause so much harm? My poor, innocent phone. Rage turns to acceptance on your roadtrip through Quebec and with acceptance comes the realization that you will now need to spend a minimum of $60 for a screen replacement. You tell yourself its worth it because you'll get a better case this time. The best case.

We've all been in this situation before. Screens break as quickly as they're repaired. Most of the time we go for the cheapest and quickest repair option because we need our phones immediately. But what happens when a screen repair or other product repair goes wrong? Are we supposed to accept the loss and move on?

The answer to this is not a yes or no. Your rights depend on whether or not the technician involved acted reasonably and did everything properly while trying to repair your device. Service providers can't guarantee that everything will go perfectly, but they do guarantee that they will do a professional job. This means they should do everything in their power to fix your device based on their level of expertise.

If you are dealing with a bad device repair right now use the following steps as guidelines for what to do next. Research the issue thoroughly to gain an understanding of the level of difficulty in repairing the issue. A screen replacement for a smartphone is very simple and all cell phone repair shops should be able to do this without any issues. Once you have an understanding of the repair process for your device, complain to the technician. Often they will offer a refund or possibly try to fix the device once more. The technician wonât be able to use complicated technical jargon to try to confuse you since you will be familiar with the process.

If you believe the technician was negligent or dishonest the best thing you can do is call in another repair company. Make sure this company has solid reviews and plenty of examples of past work. If you are located in Montreal, I recommend going to cell phone repair Montreal. The new company will either fix your device or deem it broken beyond repair. If it is broken beyond repair and you used a credit card to pay you can try to dispute the charge with your credit card company. If it is a significant amount of money it may be worthwhile to consider legal action. If another repair company like Rapifix is able to repair your device, make sure to get a detailed work order and keep your receipt. These documents can help you show that the initial repair wasnât done correctly. Keep any replaced parts as well. This can be used as evidence to further strengthen your case against an incompetent technician.


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