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Why Web Service Companies Recommend The Use Of Wordpress For Business Websites

WordPress is certainly the most renowned content management system (CMS), which is the reason Driven Web Services have been using it to design business websites. In fact, it is quite ideal to use WordPress to create business websites since there are many business-related themes available. Implementing WordPress as a business website has its benefits, but those who do not know how to do it should continue reading.

Tips to use WordPress for business websites

At times in a hurry, people end up making posts rather than pages and posts and pages tend to appear almost the same since the comments are disabled. However, this is actually a bad practice. This is a bad practice because search engines will treat the posts in a different manner because of this. What should actually be done is that rather than posts, company data should be filled in the pages and posts should only be made about any recent happenings.


Even though comments are usually disabled on business sites, but many times the clients actually want to make comments. When using WordPress for business websites, the best thing to do in this case is to ask clients whether or not they want to leave comments on posts. However, one thing is for certain that comments should never be enabled on pages.

Choose/Create a Theme

This is one tricky part of using WordPress for a business website, whether you download a theme from the Internet or create one. When choosing a theme for a WordPress business website, they can find some good ones by:

- Checking the business category in websites that provide WordPress templates - Looking for magazine WordPress templates - Using the theme of a blog website that is no longer working

When it comes to designing a WordPress theme for a business site, a layout that looks like a blog should be avoided. When using WordPress for business websites, grid based layouts tend to work quite well.

When to use a custom-made WordPress theme for a business website?

Since there are no limitations when it comes to custom-made designs, anything can be put anywhere. This is why custom-made WordPress themes are best for just about any kind of business websites.

There are many other advantages of using WordPress for business websites:

A basic design can be created within a couple of minutes

The great thing about WordPress is that when creating a business site for a client, a design can be created and shown to the client simultaneously. The moment WordPress is uploaded, a website begins running. So, when the changes are made to the sites design, the changes would be visible to the client right away at that very moment.

Updates can be made very easily

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using WordPress for a business website is that making updates is very easy that just about anyone can do it. This means small business owners will not have to call a web designer whenever they want to make minor changes or update their business website. They will be able to update whatever data they want to on their own.

For freelance web designers, developing WordPress business website will not only be easy for them but they will also be able to train their clients to update their site.

When to use WordPress for business websites?

Business owners are often not sure whether or not they should use WordPress for their business website. The truth is that WordPress has quickly become a popular platform for online sites and they will definitely reap the advantages by using it for their business website. If their website will continue undergoing updates from time to time, then they should definitely go for WordPress, Businesses that will benefit by using WordPress for their business website, include educational institutes, as well as medical and pharmacy-related websites, etc.


The thing about business websites is that most them need updates quite frequently and this is the reason Driven Web Services believes in the use of WordPress as a suitable platform. In fact, WordPress is capable of excellently fulfilling the requirements of any business websites that will continue needing updates.

WordPress is flexible, scalable and has plenty of plugins and themes to support any kind of business websites, no matter how much they might expand in the near future. Thus, all those business owners who have such a business website, using WordPress for business websites would definitely prove to be wise decision for them.


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