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Brand New Business Promotion Ideas With Photo Booth For Corporate

The popularity of photo booths at parties, weddings, and other private events continues to rise at a raging pace. People in Australia consider it as a must have entertainment during such events. Apart from the fun factor and acceptance to all age, the opportunity to take away some sweet memories with friends and family makes photo booth an inevitable party element.

Photo booth for corporate

Even though photo booth is a common sight in every personal party, businesses are still not fully aware of the need for such an element at business events. Even when you see a photo booth installed at a business gathering such as a new launch or business party, one may not fully understand the significance of it. However, a well-utilised photo booth can be an ideal branding element to a corporate for effective business promotion. Visit photo booth hire Adelaide here.

How does it work for corporate?

In businesses, at every point, a brand should try to promote itself by entertaining and engaging its potential customer in as many interesting ways as possible. Apart from the conventional modes of promotions, there are many new interesting and innovative ways coming up to achieve continued customer engagement and photo booth is one such exciting avenue for corporate to explore.

Say for example, a popular approach of large brands is the option for a photo with 'surprise celebrity' inside the photo booth. The users who enter into the branded photo booth with a promise of receiving a lovely free print will surely get excited when the photo pops up with a celebrity who joins them inside the booth. A photo of your precious client standing with a celebrity and the brand logo printed on it will surely get into their lifetime collectible and shared with all their circles.

However, it will not be feasible for all the businesses to afford the fee of a celebrity to incorporate this surprise element to photo booths, but still it puts for a lot of scope in terms of promotions. While planning for corporate photo booth, the very basic think you should consider is to use the print output wisely, which can in turn be a powerful medium for promotions.

You can also think of incorporating a free gift, which is capable of conveying your brand message or to include discount codes, direction to social media, business rewards etc. The win-win situation is that the customer will always love to avail all these benefits which comes utilising this opportunity it and also will surely share their nice experience with the others. The appetite for a good quality photo to be posted at social networking and other peer groups is more evident now, and businesses can easily leverage it to do promotions.

The insight

The essence of this discussion is that the whole concept of photo booth for business is not just for entertainment, but to consider it more as a rounded marketing tool, which while set up in the right environment can surely yield measurable dividends. More than just flat photographs, todays photo booths can do a lot extra as videos, printed gifts, green screen, plastic cards, 3D images etc.